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  2025.06.14  16.25
Please Post


This is no longer anonymous due to changes in some code at LJ. It doesn't really matter. Tell us about your random acts of kindness and don't be embarassed!

Of course you will have to join the community to post, but that's easy enough. Go to the User Info page for the journal and join. Then you can go to: http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml anytime to post. You just select the "Post to:" at the bottom to be "randomacts" and your post will end up here!

C'mon we need some good news.


  2002.07.02  19.50
A Great Movie

Okay, this isn't my act of kindness like it says it should be, but I really wanted to advise any and all Good Samaritans (and EVERYONE else actually) to watch the movie "Amélie." It's a French film and has subtitles, but the movie is so great that the subtitles weren't even a bother. I'm not a foreign film buff, but I loved this movie. I'm sure everyone else will too! It just hit the video stores, so go and rent (and hopefully buy) it! Anyway, adios for now!


Mood: optimistic

  2002.05.19  03.41
Two links of a like mind...

I recently came across a couple of sites that seem to share a similar spirt, a like mind with randomacts and I wanted to share them.

The Generosity Game

Mood: cheerful

  2002.02.22  16.30
Wonders if this still works?

How long has it been since this has been used?

Mood: amused

  2001.12.18  11.23

ciannait, even. duh.


  2001.12.18  11.22
someone needed cheering up

[Unknown LJ tag] needed some cherring up, and I sent anonymous ecards to her :)

Just wanted to let her know its not just some random freak/spam (=>)

Mood: cheerful

  2001.11.03  13.11
A letter to my beloved best friend...

Dear Val:

There are some things that I really want to say to you... to express to you... but I don't know how. Aside from simply coming up to you and saying them, there really is no way to tell you how I feel. So I won't. My ideas, due to the poor means of communication words provide, might be misunderstood and cause our relationship to become uncomfortable. So, I've decided not to tell you. And I'll compose and publish my letter here.

I love you. I always have, and I always will. My love for you is deep and permanent, and while non-sexual, it is true love. I could never sleep with you... it would destroy and alter something that I can't specifically name... But I could curl up next to you and fall asleep quite easily... My love is boundless. I love you despite-- no... because of your faults and unattractive behaviors. They are spicy and real and they make up part of who you are. Your character is fascinating, and I can only hope to continue to be an important part of your life for as long as you are an important part of mine.

You have always been such a wonderful protective and supportive person to me... you have been with me and been there for me ever since I met you. You were there for me when I was in love, in pain, in confusion. You've had more faith in me than I have ever had in myself... and I am endlessly grateful for that. You've provided me with an anchor of support, if not always sanity. With you, I feel that there are emotional things that will not change, even if our two separate lives do change on their own. I feel like there is something real and permanent about my love for you. It is like the sky when the mountains may crumble. It is like a background in front of which I will assume the various characters and personalities that this world directs me to.

There is nothing in this world that I would not do for you. I trust you with everything I have, and everything I am. I believe that you know this... and that you have known this for a long time.

I can only speculate on where these feelings came from. I might imagine that you are a kind of soul-sibling... and that we've been together for multiple lives. I can create elaborate theories and stories about our past lives together... the one where we were lovers... in Japan perhaps... or the one where I was your beloved pet bird... or some other silly nonsense. But the story that seems to be most true is one that places us as protector and partner to each other. Mutual and equal trust... as if we were employed to do the same task, and to do it together. In a world of lies and deception, you were the only one I trusted, and I was the only one that you could trust. Images and ideas similar to this have struck home with me and reminded me of you. I'm not your soul mate... and you are not mine. But I believe that we have known each other for an inconceivably long time.

I want to tell you these things. Perhaps someday I will tell you. Perhaps someday you'll see this, and I'll never know. However it happens, I want you to know that I love you, and that I'll always be there for you above any other person, be it lover, boyfriend, dream or depression. I count myself among the luckiest souls in the universe for meeting you. Thank you for being here for me.



  2001.10.30  16.55

Today I went down to my local store to get something for breakfast, I was not going to buy much as I only had a few pounds left. I was in the queue behind this elderly lady who was getting flustered when she was unable to find enough money to pay for her shopping. I think the prices had gone up since the last time she was there, without thinking I just paid for her shopping with my money instead. She was ever so appologetic to me but I just told her that every thing would be fine. When she left the shop she was so much happier.
I did without breakfast this morning, a small price to pay to see her smile.


  2001.10.09  21.21
NYFD Card Writing Campaign

Received from elsewhere, including wtcdisaster

they are saying that the firemen are getting discouraged because they know they won't find any more survivors. They leave out the part about the horrific conditions and sights they see, But through it all, they go on and on and on and on.

So here an idea. Let's start a Card Writing Campaign. Go out to your local Hallmark or where ever it is you buy your greeting cards. Buy a card that reflects what your feelings are about their heroic efforts and send it to them at:

NYC Fire Department
1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
New York, NY 10005

Just think how powerful this message can be. If all of you send this e-mail to everyone you know, and they send it to everyone they know and if all of the people who get this note send a card, we can be the start of a miracle. Kind of like when the Post Office delivers all the mail addressed to Santa to Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street.

Let's start our own miracle. Let's show these brave men and women how we feel about them. They need our love, support and encouragement.

Mood: helpful

  2001.09.23  18.00
the good inside of all of us

Every day you see teenagers. Some are on street corners being as rebellious as they can. Others are probably the drivers who cut you off on the interstate and drive like maniacs. And, sometimes you'll catch a few civilized teens, according to adults, around town living their lives in a peaceful way.

Today, I witnessed something different. I was allowed to see just how many teenagers in my community were willing to go out of their way to help raise money for the people in New York. Many students were told that once they made an appearance they could leave. Their only requirement was to show up and sign a paper saying that they had come to help. There were some that did go home, but there were many that stayed for hours and helped.

I wanted to share how proud I was of these teenagers for what they did today. This was their weekend, they didn't have to do it. I'm also proud to have been a part of it.


  2001.09.11  20.34
If you want to help the victims in NYC and D.C.

Myself, Brandon, local relief groups and a Director with the American Red Cross have made an agreement to benefit the American Red Cross. We are working with a program that will facilitate donations to benefit victims and families affected by America�s most devastating tragedy. For every dollar donated. Brandon will match it, up to $25,000. All donations will be directed to the American Red Cross and will distributed to aid those directly affected by these events. For those of you who know someone else who may be interested in participating or helping with a donation. Have them email us at dontations@revelationmedia.com. Pass this info on to people who can't read this journal. Thank you for your help. Also please remember if you can give blood. Encourage friends, family and co-workes to give blood as well. If we all do a little it will amount to alot.

Mood: sad

  2001.08.28  21.07
Help a friend out - He has done so much for me

Hey this is an amazing guy, and if you are able to help him that would rock. This guy has turned me into the man I am today. << Read this please

Mood: thoughtful

  2001.08.27  09.20

wow.. I didn;t even see that someone else posted ths here...

I am so moved...


  2001.07.27  09.18

I hope this isn't inappropriate...

But my friend needs help

click here


  2001.07.19  16.38
Please GIVE!!


Someone really needs your help, so click above.
You may not know the person, but neither do I.
I wish I could help more myself, but I am working several jobs to pay off my own bills.
I gave what I could.
And my way of giving more is asking for your help...

Mood: hopeful

  2001.07.16  01.18

I went for a drive the other day and wound up at Topanga Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway.

I was feeling pretty burdened and generally bad about myself. There was this lady with a sign asking for money at the stoplight.
She looked my age. I was shocked to see someone so young looking out on the street asking for change.

It was a hot day, and I normally don't give things to people at stoplights. I looked frantically through my car, and realized I'd put all my money in the gas tank. I took all the spare change out of the ashtray, grabbed this unopened bottle of cold water that was sitting on my seat, and some candy out of my purse (I always have candy on hand) and handed it to her. She looked at me and then down at the ground, she looked so sheepish...I automatically said "I have no cash, really.." in a really apologetic tone.

She looked up at me again and her eyes met mine. She giggled, and so did I.
Then the car behind me honked, since I guess the light had turned green.
She said "God Bless"
I said "Take care, good luck" and drove away.

In case I'm ever seized by the urge to give something to someone again I'm going to start carrying a few bucks in my glove box, maybe even include some candy. I mean, who doesn't like candy, really.


  2001.07.06  17.36
take the time to speak with them

I see a handful of possibly homeless men and women on the streets in Prague, all of them older people. It breaks my heart, really, and I wonder if they have children or someone who wonders where they are.

But, last weekend when I went to the cathedral to pray there was a man with a small german shepard at him side. The dog looked so much like my mothers at home, so I felt a wave of homesickness. I dug out all the crowns rattling in my pocket, and dropped them in his bowl. But just giving him the money was not the good part.

I spoke to him. In Czech even, to practice my small mastery of this beautiful language. I asked him how he was this day, his name, if I could play with his dog. Just a little, simple conversation, but I could tell he was happy to speak to someone in his own language. I've seen him twice since then, and I always stop to talk with him.


  2001.07.05  22.05
Random act gone wrong

C'mon, guys! You've GOT to be doing nice things out there!

Just for the fun of it, I'm going to share yesterday's tale of what happened when being a good Samaritan completely backfired on me...

Mood: amused

  2001.06.19  16.52
No complaints here!

If I'm home on a weekday, I sometimes go through the packaging of my favorite products -- shampoo, snacks, etc. -- and if there's a comments/complaints phone number I call it just to let a customer service person know that I LOVE their company's product. It's the best feeling in the world. :)

Mood: grateful

  2001.06.19  16.52
TANSTAAFL -- refuted

Not a huge deal, I suppose, but at work I sometimes get rewarded with $3-$5 coupons for anything in the cafeteria or company store. I COULD use them to stock up on snacks and trinkets and such, but instead I give them away to anyone who looks like they could use 'em. I love the startled smiles I always get in return. See? Free lunches DO exist!

Mood: accomplished

  2001.06.01  06.42

choot choot!

Mood: hopeful

  2001.06.01  11.15

It was a beautiful drive back to Fairbanks today, though I got a later start from Anchorage than I had planned (forgot the computer Steve is donating to my workplace...hehehe!). I made good time overall on the road, though I had one funny incident that really slowed me down.

A little less than halfway home, I could see an animal in the road ahead. As I got closer, I could see it was a porcupine, and that it was investigating roadkill...another porcupine. I was so saddened, and I wanted to be sure this living porcupine got out of the road so that it didn't meet the same fate. So I pulled over, and cautiously approached the porcupine, trying to shoo it off the road. Have you ever tried to encourage a porcupine to go in a particular direction? *laugh* It was next to impossible! I didn't want to touch it, obviously...or even get too close to the front end, since they'll bite. Once I'd get him off the road and turn back toward Oliver, he'd waddle back to investigate the dead one, and I'd have to start the whole process over again...I must have looked *really* silly to the gentleman who pulled over to help me. He had a piece of cardboard in his car that we used to kind of, uhm, scrape the dead porcupine into the ditch, so that its friend could spend time with it without being in the middle of traffic, and as we walked away, the porcupine was waddling into the ditch, as we had hoped. Hopefully another tragedy was averted, and thanks to the gentleman who helped me, and whose name I never learned!


  2001.05.31  15.25

The other day at the gas station I saw these two kids sitting at the bus stop by the curb looking incredibly depressed, or downtrodden or something...

Anyway, I had some extra cash and it was a really hot day, so when I went in to buy my gas I bought myself a drumstick, and picked up two extras. I turned on the pump and walked over to the two boys, and handed them each the ice cream.

At first they were hesitant, accepting food from an awkward looking young lady, so they checked the wrappers to make sure they weren't tampered with.

Once everything seemed kosher they thanked me wildly and seemed re-energized.


  2001.05.09  17.51

This past weekend I was at the post office. There was a bit of a line and my husband and I were just standing there.

An older gentleman came in, he was in a motorized cart type of thing. I didn't think much of it. As I stood there, this man got out of his cart and put a package on the counter. I could see that his left side was ... not working. I don't know if he had a stroke or what but he wasn't moving his left arm. He was trying to tape a label onto his package. I could see that this was going to be a hard time. No one in line did anything. I stepped forward and asked if he needed help. He said yes. I put the tape on the label for him. He said thanks and got back in his cart with his package and went to the back of the line.

While I was helping, I felt like everyone was staring. Why didn't anyone go forward? I didn't jump the first second I saw him. It's not like any of us had anything better to do. I hope the yound girls behind us in line learned something.


  2001.05.09  18.00

It's just a little thing, but: I drove home by taking a "shortcut" through the local college campus today. It was a beautiful day and students were everywhere.

The main road through the campus is littered with crosswalks, but all the cars just zoom on through; it's sometimes hard for people to cross.

I stopped at every single crosswalk that had someone waiting to cross. At every single one, they smiled - a genuine smile - and waved, as they crossed.

Sometimes I think little things can make a person's day. Just seeing people smile made mine.


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